How to Use WinBaby®

How to Use-WinBaby® Sperm-Friendly Lubricant
If you are actively trying to have a baby, it’s best to use WinBaby® right before intercourse when your body is on the most fertile days(ovulation days).


1. Remove the safety seal under the cap before first use.

2. Apply 4-5 ml of lubricant to the vagina or penis and apply more if necessary. 

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5gx8 Single-Use Applicators

►Use one applicator before intercourse.

1. Each applicator is for single use only.

2. Take one applicator out of its protective bag.

3. Sterilize the long nozzle with alcohol pad.

4. Twist off the end tab of the applicator.

5. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, gently insert the applicator well into the vagina.

6. Squeeze the applicator firmly 2-3 times to release lubricant.

7. Carefully remove the applicator and discard in waste container.

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1. DO NOT use if the applicator or tube is broken.

2. DO NOT use this product after expiration date.

3. Consult your doctor if irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

4. Not for contraceptive use.

5. It is not a medicine and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

6. Store in a dry place.

7. Keep out of reach of children.

What is WinBaby®