Why do you need Fertility Lubricant

Is Baby-making Simple? 

Before sperm can successfully fertilize an egg, they must swim through the vagina and cervical canal before traveling into the fallopian tubes. If the environment in the vagina and cervix is unfavorable for any ejaculated sperm, they may be unable to reach an egg to fertilize it. As a result, a couple may have trouble getting pregnant. 

Therefore, it is vital to provide a friendly environment where sperm has a chance of survial and migration to increase the chance of getting pregnancy.

WinBaby® is specifically formulated for women trying to have a baby. Studies have shown that the ingredients of WinBaby® will not harm sperm or affect sperm function.WinBaby® provides a friendly environment where its pH level may play a significant role not only in maintaining the viability and quality of the sperm, but also in increaseing the chance of fertilization.  We hope couples will conceive naturally.
What is WinBaby®